Why Sannyas?

What do you want to become in life?
What is your dream come true?
What is stopping that dream from becoming a reality?

This is a fundamental question that needs to be addressed for you to experience success and fulfillment in life.

How do we remove poverty from the world?
How do we bring about global peace?
How can we have everyone living a happy and prosperous life?
If this larger-than-life vision kindles your heart and you are inspired to make your vision into reality, then sannyas is the life for you!

Yes! Sannyas is not escaping from life as people generally think. Sannyas is a life of peak intelligence, supreme courage and pure consciousness. Sannyas is a life of renunciation – renouncing everything other than THE best!
Youth have tried the lifestyle of drugs; they experimented with the lifestyle of industrial revolution; they experimented with the lifestyle of IT revolution. Finally, they received only three things: Drugs, Death, Depression – 3D!
Now, it is time to see the fourth D—DIVINE!