Is Sannyas for Me?

If you …

  • Are an independent person who has been authentically seeking for the purpose of your life
  • Want to do something extraordinary in your life
  • Want to become a high achiever in life
  • Want to make a difference to people’s lives
  • Are not satisfied by a regular life of just family and career
  • Are instead inspired to live with a global family and enriching people every moment in multiple ways
  • above all, want to make the best of the opportunity of literally many lifetimes of being under the direct guidance of rare living incarnation!

…then sannyas is THE lifestyle for you!

Sannyas is not for the outfits but for the over-fits of society!

Sannyas is a clear NO to the ignorance of society, a NO to society controlling your possibilities, your expression, your life, by the doubts and conditionings it imposes on you!
Sannyas is a big ‘YES’ to being and radiating the real YOU and creating the beautiful reality you want in life!
Being in the space of simply manifesting your reality is your birthright!
If you want to reclaim that birthright, realize your highest potential and realize true freedom…
Then sannyas is THE lifestyle for you!